Audio: 2050 Inaugural Blogcast!

Posted by: Noah Chandler

Yes, the Imagine 2050 blogcast is here! It's a simple beginning for a wonderful project. I invite you to send in your ideas and input to 2050audio(at) This week we hear the opinions of some people "on the street" about this projected 2050 demographic shift and how that might impact our identity as Americans.

If you are reading this post through and don't see the audio player, you may download this weeks program by here.


Anonymous said...

I absolutely love the audio blog! When will the next one run? You have a fan now!

Sarah said...

IMAGINE 2050's audio blogger is currently on vacation.

Hopefully we'll have another audio blog by late July or early August.

And..thank you for your thoughtful words..


Dr.C! said...

Yes, thanks for the kind words. I'm one fried traveler at this time...we just got back to Cairo and will be flying back to the States tomorrow. I got an interview with someone we met along our travels. She's an interesting woman who is Syrian but has spent most of her life growing up in South Carolina. She speaks Arabic but if you were to just hear her speaking English you'd think "Good ol' South". When we met I couldn't help to ask if she'd be interested in speaking to Lets all hope the audio turns out good enough to post (as I did the interview on a cruise boat going down the Nile...great setting but not good for recording). Cheers and the next Blogcast should be up by mid-July...Peace! Noah.