Audio: 2050 Blogcast - July 2008

Audio: 2050 Blogcast - July 2008
By Noah Chandler
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This month I bring you some audio that I captured during a summer trip the Middle East. What you will hear is an interview that I did with a person I met along my travels. Her name is Nadine and she was born in Lebanon and her parents are Syrian. The catch is that her family moved to the U.S. when Nadine was young and so what you get is a beautiful example of how complex the shaping of one's identity can be. I've spent many years living in the South and hate the stereotypes that people draw when they hear such regional accents. But I admit it, I did a double take when I saw and heard Nadine speaking. I couldn't ignore my own preconceptions of what she "should" sound like. Anyway, I give my heart felt thanks to Nadine for sitting down with me "under the mic" and doing this interview. And I hope you enjoy and get something from this very interesting, and complex, American. She brings up some great questions both directly and indirectly that are worth some discussion here. So, after listening take a bit of time to post a comment, thought, or?

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[note: I did the interview on a small cruise ship on the Nile. We were docked but there is still a small amount of motor rumble and some street noise that comes through. Just an FYI for you audiophiles.]


Anonymous said...

Genius! It's interesting to hear from someone who sees American identity with fresh eyes and ears. Nadine adds a level of confidence to being an American. A confidence that is built not on fear but rather the belief that we can use both the good and bad in our society to move forward.


Florencia said...

interesting story and point of view. her openness is surely something many others could learn from. i mean, some people have so much invested in the idea of ethnic difference that sometimes it's just hard to picture a future without them ruling our relations... i really like the debate this blog, and your podcasts, are setting up. keep up with the good work!

Dr.C! said...

now that's feedback! i'm not one to argue when "genius" is thrown my way but i'm far from it. yes, i'm happy with the results of my first two podcasts but i've definitely got some production hurdles to cross. but yes, i have been extremely fortunate in finding interesting guests to interview. but i chalk that up to luck rather than genius lol...

and thanks for your feedback, flor. it is much appreciated and i hope you come back to the blog regularly.