Marry on the Mountain: July 4th

By Nicole Hallengrogg

Traveling through southwest Montana on the 4th of July, my daughters and I are always amazed by the impressive 50 foot Virgin Mary that overlooks the city of Butte Montana which is, by the way, mere miles from the continental divide. I began to think about what symbols like the Virgin Mary mean to people and the relationship between religion and country.

Marry on the Mountain
July 4th

I, Mary on the Mountain
Stone symbol of humanity’s plea
Mother of compassion
And dignity.
Oh magnificent evening!
Brother of mine

I overlook this valley,
Let the people
Here rejoice.

You stand among
The people
Giving them a voice.

Once son,
Now brother,
Now friend.

Let us
Join now here together
So You and I
Be free.

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Anonymous said...

I was flying into Butte, Montana on Horizon Air back in the 90s and remember seeing the Lady of the Divide. America has a deep sense of religious faith.

I like to think of "Mary on the Mountain" as a symbol of our religious faith driven by "strength and compassion" rather than "fear and mistrust."

The poetry is inspiring and a nice addition to alot of the wonkish/political blogs out there on the internet.